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Tuesday Morning Freebies: Four Free Kindle Ebooks


Free Kindle Ebooks: The Dart Murders by James Kipling available free for limited time on KindleThe Dart Murders


Close to London, the tiny and fanciful town of Amersham is shaken by a sudden spate of homicides. The first to meet her unfortunate fate is a young woman named Jane Ferrier, murdered by a poisonous dart while walking home from work on the evening of June 15th. While on a holiday with her beau, Sarah Parker was killed in a motel room on July 15th, also the victim of a venomous dart. On August 15th, a young attorney named Michelle Pearson was found dead on a local park bench as the result of a toxic dart. As seemingly different as all three victims lived their lives, they did have something in common. In addition to having green eyes and blonde hair, the ill-fated individuals had a history of turbulent love affairs.

With Chief Inspector Patrick Campbell in charge of the case, can he and trusty colleagues Inspector Geoffrey and Constable Tim put a stop to the mysterious serial dart killings? Much to his dismay, the investigator soon discovers that the men involved in the case all have secrets of their own that, once unraveled, don’t make them as innocent as they would appear. What do the admirable Eric, suave Neil, apprehensive Jeremy, modest Wilbur, calm Philip, passionate Victor and vibrant Tony possibly have to hide?

As the murderous riddle unfolds we meet numerous intriguing characters like chatty school teacher Carla Carson, Sarah’s mother Celia Parker, jovial Gladys and assistive Harold Mason.

With Patrick following a trail of leads at an alarmingly fast rate that lies in a bed of deadly twists and turns, will he finally end the trail of blood…or add to it with his own?

Amazon Reader Reviews of Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: “The Dart Murders” A Murder Mysteries Crime and Punishment book with Assassinations and Conspiracies, detective murder case, a fiction story about serial killers:

“This murder mystery is packed with intrigue and suspense. James Kipling brings us another one of his crime thrillers, this time introducing us to Inspector Patrick Campbell, an extremely likeable protagonist. Inspector Campbell is tasked with identifying the person who killed three women, each of the 15th of succeeding months, with a poison dart. What the women have in common is their history of lovelorn romances, so all of the men involved with them are questioned. This book is a battle of wits between the Inspector and all of the suspects, as each of them are ruled out. The book reminded me of the board game Clue, and rather than graphic violence, it focuses on the psychological aspect of the investigation. I never saw the real killer coming – that was an ingenious plot twist that will keep you wanting more from Mr. Kipling. Highly recommended!”

“Wow!! I was completely thrown into this Dark Fantasy Crime Thriller. Each page has you guessing who the murderer is and completely shocked when you discover the truth. James Kipling has a way of making you feel like you are a part of the murder mystery. I am completely sold on his books and can not wait to the read the next one. If you get this ebook, you will not be disappointed. It is time to guess…WhoDunnit?”

“WOW ! What an awesome book. Filled with murder and suspense. Wanted to keep reading to find out WhoDoneIT and I did LOL. The author pays attention to detail and is so easy to read. I thought I had the killer pegged but I was wrong. I very much enjoyed the intrigue and thrill of this book. Was a nail biter and I could not stop reading it and finished it in one day. I would highly recommend this book as well as the author James Kipling, he is brilliant and I can not wait to find more of his work. I was enthralled in the story line or the characters and I was kept locked in the book till the very end. You wont be disappointed. 100 stars and a huge Thank You ! Keep em coming James !”

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Free Kindle Ebooks: Heir of Earth by Rosemary Clair available free for limited time on KindleHeir of Earth (Forgotten Gods)


Sidhe     [ shee ]

In Irish legend, a superhuman race descended from the goddess Danu.  Comparable to medieval fairies or elves.  Beautiful, powerful and merciless to humans who get in their way.

After graduating high school, American teen Faye Kent is spending a magical summer in Ireland with relatives.  The summer promises her everything her old life didn’t, including a chance at love with the impossibly perfect Dayne DeLaney.  But Faye is hiding a secret, a secret she came to Ireland to forget.

The mystical Irish countryside also hides a secret, a slumbering evil that awakens and quickly fixates on Faye.

The locals warn Faye to heed their cautionary tales of the beautiful, but deadly, creatures that once ruled this mystical land.  They avoid the Sidhe at all costs. Faye laughs at their superstitious ways, breaking every rule that could have protected her.

She should have listened.  The Sidhe now hunt Faye, and she faces a fight that will expose the secret she desperately wants to keep hidden and uncover a mystery even deeper than she could have imagined.

Soon the world will know the truth about who Faye Kent really is. Will she sacrifice herself to save everything she loves?

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Free Kindle Ebooks: Unbroken by Jessica Sorenson available free for limited time on KindleUnbroken (Shattered Promises, 2.5)


Unbroken (Shattered Promises, #2.5)

Alex thought things were already complicated, but then Gemma shows up possessed by Stephan and she wants to kill him. Normally, he would eliminate someone in Gemma’s position to protect himself, but his feelings for Gemma won’t allow him to do that. She’s too important to him and he knows he has to save her without hurting her.

But can he find a way to save her before someone gets hurt?

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content.

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Free Kindle Ebooks: Desert Star by Aven Jayce available free for limited time on KindleDesert Star: An Erotic Romance: Book Two (The NOVA Trilogy)


Desert Star, the second book in The NOVA Trilogy, is a thrilling, suspenseful, erotic ride; full of scorching sex scenes readers won’t be able to put down.
Sophia Jameson is troubled by the deep secrets Cove Everton and his family have endured for over a decade because of her father’s sinister business. Her desire and passion to pursue her relationship with Cove causes her to question her loyalty to her father, Paul Jameson. When she confronts her father with her decision to stay with her new love, she quickly realizes her choice is not without consequences. Paul is a man of control, and no one dares cross him without paying the price, not even his own daughter.
When Sophia’s best friend, Mera, goes missing from her St. Louis apartment, she knows her father is at the heart of her disappearance. Sophia turns to Cove, and while he struggles with his dark past and the horrors inflicted on him by her father, the two of them depart for Paul’s home in Las Vegas. They know that the only way to free Mera from Paul’s dominant lifestyle will be to meet with him face to face.