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How to Get Kids Eating Healthy:

The Sneaky Green Mom Cookbook

by Vivian M Danes

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how to get kids eating healthyfree

Use this creative cookbook to get kids eating healthy foods.


Bonus Cookbook:

 quick and easy chicken recipesfree

Weeknight Chicken Cookbook: Quick, Easy, Healthy Chicken Recipes For Busy Families 30 Recipes In 30 Minutes (Quick And Easy Recipes For Busy Families)

The Ultimate Weeknight Cookbook For Food Lovers Short On Time With Mouths To Feed!

30 Easy Chicken Recipes In 30 Minutes Or Less…

Weeknight Chicken Cookbook makes preparing tasty, homemade meals every night of the week easier (and less expensive) than ordering take-out. Focusing on your family’s favorite ingredient, chicken, author Jennifer Davids walks you through preparing thirty of her favorite quick and easy chicken recipes, all of which are prepared and ready to eat in 30 minutes or less.

Davids, an accidental home chef, turned her least favorite part of the day, cooking dinner, into a fun thirty-minute kitchen adventure every day by simplifying recipes and cutting out unnecessary prep time. You too can learn how to enjoy preparing delicious chicken meals like:

  • Tangy Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry
  • Chicken Chili
  • Spicy Chicken BBQ Sandwiches
  • All-Star Chicken Tacos
  • Easy Chicken Piccata
  • Chicken Tortilla Pizzas
  • And 24 Other Family Favorites!

So next time you are in a crunch don’t waste your money on calorie-packed take-out, grab some chicken and getting cooking! Every recipe in this edition of Weeknight Cookbook is healthy, tasty, and (did we mention) super easy to make!

Buy This Book Today And Dig In (In Less Than 30 Minutes) Tonight!