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The Bagman by Racheal Rippon

The Bagman by Racheal Rippon available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle




In the midst of the Second World War, Abigail is deposited at St Winifred’s Orphanage for Willful, Wayward and Wicked Children. As soon as she arrives, Abigail is warned of the Bagman and what will happen if she misbehaves. But Abigail is too busy trying to escape to listen. Her estranged twin, Tabitha, is close by and Abigail has to find her before their 16th birthdays. Besides, she doesn’t believe in the Bagman.
He believes in her though. Appearing when she least expects it; he asks her to play his Game. He will give her seven wishes to be used in seven days. But the Game is not as easy as Abigail supposes, and the wishes not as nice…
Soon, Abigail is getting exactly what she wished for. And the effects are catastrophic.

Meet the Author

Rachael Rippon is researching digital self-publishing for her PhD. She has been writing since she was eleven and reading even longer. She has won several short story competitions and had a few short stories published. She lives in a caravan in Australia, loves reading crime stories, loves writing fantasy stories and is terrified of zombies.