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The Loyal Servant by Eva Hudson

The Loyal Servant by Eva Hudson now available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle



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The Senior Moment: An Unconventional Suspense Mystery (The Women Sleuths Series)

The Third Estate: A Police Procedural Crime Thriller (The Women Sleuths Series)

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Winner of the Lucy Cavendish Prize for fiction, The Loyal Servant is a page-turning mystery thriller.

Caroline Barber is a civil servant, doing her best to hang on to her job while keeping her demanding family happy. Her world is shattered when she discovers her boss – a senior politician – dead at his desk.

Unable to accept the official suicide verdict, Caroline sets out to uncover the real reason the minister had to die and discovers a web of secrets and lies spun by some very powerful men.

Enlisting the help of a ruthless newspaper reporter, Caroline carries on digging, taking greater and greater risks until she unearths a 30-year-old conspiracy shocking enough to topple the government.

Way out of her depth and putting the safety of her family in jeopardy, Caroline is running out of time. She must expose the scandal before her enemies silence her for good.

Everything that happens to Caroline Barber could happen to any one of us. Once you start reading you may never look at your colleagues in the same way again.

Praise for The Loyal Servant
“A brilliantly-paced thriller… Perfectly balanced between character and plot. Very gripping and suspenseful” – Sophie Hannah
“Deftly plotted, tightly paced and above all, very well written”
“Cracking fast paced crime thriller, with many twists and turns”
“A must read for any lover of thrillers, the fast pace and cliff hangers leave you unable to put it down”

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About Eva Hudson
After years of enjoying suspense mysteries and British crime fiction by authors like Sophie Hannah and Mark Billingham, Eva was inspired to write her own crime thrillers. In 2011 she won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for The Loyal Servant.

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