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The Flood by David Sachs


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Recommended by Kirkus Reviews

For those that escaped the Flood, the nightmare is just beginning.

For three years, Travis Cooke has dreamed of reuniting his family, but not like this.

When the Flood hit, America’s East Coast was evacuated by every means possible, by air, land and sea.

Hours later, a cruise ship assisting in the rescue lies dead in the water: no power, no communications, and nowhere near enough food. Thousands of refugees on board, including Travis, his young son, the ex-wife he still loves, and her husband, find themselves alone in a big ocean.

As days pass, some wonder if all of them can live long enough for a rescue to come. With two guns aboard, some wonder how to improve their odds. Desperate to protect his family as the panic rises, Travis finds behind each door an unexpected new side to the Festival, but no way out. How far will a good man go to save the people he loves and has lost once before? How far would YOU go?

An electrifying debut novel that is thriller and mythic tragedy, and forces you into the minds and choices of people trapped.

You’ll remember where you were when the Flood hit.

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Bonus Short Story Included in Ebook: Locked in the Trunk of a Car, a sharp suspense thriller in a small package.


81RukJAhvXL._UX250_Award-winning author DAVID SACHS lives in Chelsea, Quebec (Canada), in the woods of Parc du la Gatineau. He is a long time feature writer for magazines and major metro newspapers, writing on politics, culture, society and the outdoors, covering everything from anti-globalization riots to Amazonian shamanism, and from homelessness to hitchhiking. His feature film, The Last Party, is in development with Bunk 11 Pictures.

He is a father, an avid outdoorsman and rugby old boy, and a former physicist and Canadian Forces reserves officer. David is heavily involved in political and social causes, and a deadly boogie woogie piano player.

David’s favourite writers are Jack London, Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain, Mordecai Richler, Herman Hesse, Fyodor Dostoevsky. His favourite new writers include Matt Mather, Steve Toltz, Hugh Howey and David Benioff. His favourite novels are Handling Sin, Barney’s Version, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin, The Maltese Falcon, and in the number one slot: Lord Jim.

twitter: @TheDavidSachs

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