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Free Suspense Ebook:

Driftwood by Shauna Bickley

Driftwood by Shauna Bickley available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle



Secrets and lies can be a killer.

The last person Juliet expects to meet on a work trip is Luke. She has changed her name and worked hard to ensure he wouldn’t find her, but now he is back in her life again. Is it chance, or something more sinister?

Juliet has secrets she needs to keep hidden, but Luke wants to renew their relationship. After meeting him incidents occur that make her fear the unthinkable. Her life may be in danger.

She leaves Auckland for Sydney on a business trip, but Luke appears there. Can she trust him, or are his secrets more dangerous than the ones she hides.

Driftwood is a romantic suspense novella. Included in the Kindle version are the opening chapters of the new novel, Lies of the Dead, and the opening chapters of Lives Interrupted.

Meet the Author

To indulge my fiction writing habit I write technical manuals and training materials, and in the past I’ve worked as a trainer on subjects as diverse as computer systems, presentation skills, personal efficiency and a few other things I’ve long since forgotten. I could probably do with some personal revision on the efficiency materials!What type of fiction do I write? Hmm, good question. My latest novel, Lies of the Dead, is a mystery/thriller set in Cornwall.Lives Interrupted is a contemporary novel set in London against the backdrop of a bombing, and looks at how the characters react and deal with this unthinkable atrocity.Driftwood is a romantic thriller set in New Zealand and Australia.I’ve also published a selection of short stories, Footprints, and a ‘how-to’ book, Smart Formatting, about turning your manuscript into a well-formatted eBook.In addition I’ve had short stories published in Bravado (a New Zealand literary magazine), as well as several competition anthologies, and had articles published in The New Writer.If you’re interested in the biographical details – I was born and grew up in Bristol, England, and then moved to Cyprus for a couple of years. Since then I’ve lived and worked in a number of countries and never thought I’d find somewhere to call home until I arrived in New Zealand. I now live in Auckland, close to the beach, and while I still love seeing new places I always enjoy coming home.Website: shaunabickley.comTwitter: @ShaunaBickley