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Free Scifi Ebook:

What Neither Star nor Sun Shall Waken by Ryan Notch

What Neither Star nor Sun Shall Waken by Ryan Notch available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle



In this creepy new tale from beyond the stars

Captain Gibson’s ship is falling.

Plunging from space at ten times the speed of sound into an alien ocean of darkness.

A place where no light has shown since the days of creation, a place beyond any hope of rescue.

A place with almost no chance of any other life existing. Where he will almost certainly be alone in the dark.


Praise for master of sci-fi horror Ryan Notch:

“I’ve come to believe that mystery is the greatest driving force of
fiction…and it’s clear that Ryan Notch gets it.”
-Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files

“I don’t usually pick up a horror book unless it has Stephen King on front
page but this author could give Stephen King a run for his money!”
-Bridget H, Goodreads

About the Author

In addition to his published stories, Ryan Notch is also the producer of the films Night Things and The Pill.  His photographic techniques experimenting with light graffiti have been featured in the Fu Collective Gallery in Denver.

He currently resides in Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town evacuated by the Federal government due to a coal mine fire burning beneath it since 1962. The only town in America ever to have its zip code revoked. During the day he wanders the empty streets and houses as if in a dream, looking for something he lost but can’t remember where or what it was. At night he writes his horror stories by lying down next to a burning fissure along main street and placing his ear to the ground, transcribing what he hears coming up from below.