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Shelter by Tara Shuler

Shelter by Tara Shuler available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle




Two guys, one girl, and two dark secrets that threaten to tear her world apart.

Alice Wright is a young vampire going to high school for the first time at the age of seventeen at the behest of her eccentric mother. In many ways, she’s more afraid of the human students than they would be of her.

She feels lost and awkward in human society, but she soon develops a strong bond with the cousin of one of her human classmates, nineteen year old Kai. He is beautiful, but somewhat of an enigma. She discovers a dark secret in Kai’s life, and she instantly wants to shelter him from the pain that has tormented him all his life.

Then she meets Maksim Augustine, the incredibly gorgeous guy who seems more like he should be a model than a high school student. She is overwhelmingly attracted to him physically, but her love for Kai causes her to continually push him away. Eventually, she discovers a frightening secret about Max, too.

But Max’s secret threatens to destroy everything…


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Meet the Author
Tara Shuler is an American author. Her first book, Shelter – Blood Haze: Book One, was released on April 26, 2011. Book two in the Blood Haze series – Storm – was released May 01, 2011.Tara enjoys reading books and watching movies in the genres of paranormal romance, action, martial arts, fantasy, and science fiction, and her writing is indicative of those tastes.Her next book, Betrayal – Blood Haze: Book Three, is due to be released in late May 2011.