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Good Clean Murder by Tracy Tyne Hilton

Good Clean Murder by Tracy Tyne Hilton available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle




Hardworking and hungry Bible school student Jane Adler cleans
houses to make ends meet. But finding the money to pay for the last
semester of school is the least of her problems when she uncovers a body
in her boss’s bed.


Jane tucked her lemon-Pledge-soaked dust rag back in her apron pocket and moved on to the laundry room, the chemical citrus wafting away with her. She needed to strip the beds and get the laundry going if she was going to get out to her next house on time. On her way past the laundry room, she grabbed a hamper.

Then she stopped. Monday was laundry day. Laundry day and payday. The envelope full of cash was always pinned to the bulletin board with her directions. That envelope was supposed to buy her books today. Standing still with the hamper on her hip she debated. Stop now, call Pam, and ask for directions and money, or just keep working? The laundry would take two hours, whether she was paid or not, so she moved to the master bedroom. She could call Pamela after she had the first load in the machine.

Jane pushed open the bedroom door with her hip.In a smooth set of motions perfected over her two years as a housekeeper, she set the hamper down, grabbed the end of the comforter and pulled all of the bedding off the bed. Then she looked up to grab the pillows.
Bob was still in bed.

“I am so sorry!” she whispered. She backed away from the bed.

Bob hadn’t seemed to notice her.

Heat rose to Jane’s face. What a complete moron! She should have knocked. She could have given him the chance to wake up a little. She looked away from the bed, waiting for him to speak.

He didn’t say anything.

In fact, Bob hadn’t moved a muscle when his covers had come flying off him. Surely, if a big guy like him had moved, she would have noticed.
She stepped back to the bed.

Bob was very still, and his face was pasty.

Jane’s heart thumped against her ribs, like a small, hard fist.

Bob was not well.

Her feet felt like bricks as she pulled herself across the Persian rug to the side of Bob’s bed.

He was wearing an A-line tank top–a wife-beater. His huge shoulders were covered in brown wiry hair. She had never seen Bob’s naked shoulders.

Jane placed two shaking fingertips under his jaw, and turned away.

She couldn’t feel a pulse. She moved her fingers across his thick neck, trying to find even the faint hint of life, but it wasn’t there.

Jane shoved her hand into the pocket of her jeans and yanked out her phone. 911. Must call 911.

Meet the Author

Traci Tyne Hilton is an award winning playwright from Portland, Oregon.Traci earned a degree in History from Portland State University and still lives in the rainiest part of the Pacific Northwest.She has written grant proposals, blogs, essays on etymology, Bible studies, Sunday School curriculum, novels, short stories, history essays, and plays. She hopes to do many more of the above, God willing and the creek don’t rise.More of Traci’s work can be found at tracihilton.comTraci’s photo by!/jessiekirkphotography?sk=info