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The Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook:

60 Simple Mediterranean Recipes and

Lifestyle Secrets for Weight Loss And Longevity

by Nora Redmond & Little Pearl

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Are You Ready To Lose Weight, Feel Better, And Live Longer?

Join the thousands of people who are changing their lives by eating delicious, healthy meals with the Mediterranean Diet. Recent studies have shown that by following the Mediterranean Diet not only will you reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, but you will dramatically improve the quality of your life simply by changing what and how you eat.

Chef and author Nora Redmond invites you to travel the Mediterranean with her, from Italy to Spain and Morocco to France and everywhere in between, exploring sixty mouthwatering recipes that cover everything from soups, salads, and main courses.

After spending years in the Mediterranean attending chef schools, Redmond became intrigued by the locals she encountered. These locals, Redmond noticed, shared her love for food, but did not, however, share her dress size. Deciding to stay a year after her training finished, the author explored the Mediterranean region, learning recipes, but more importantly, learning the Mediterranean lifestyle.

In her book, The Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, you will learn to enjoy

  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • How To Live The Mediterranean Way
  • Cooking Meals For Friends and Family with Fresh, Local Ingredients
  • Losing Weight Naturally Without Ever Feeling Hungry

A true believer in the Mediterranean Diet, Redmond has worked closely with a California sommelier to help pair all sixty of her dishes with delicious and affordable wines. Get ready to capture the essence of true Mediterranean eating with dishes like:

  • Spanish Gazpacho
  • Italian Cioppino
  • Hearty Minestrone
  • Rustic Panzanella
  • Grilled Pizza
  • Baked Pasta
  • Fresh Seafood and Fish Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water For Days!
  • And Much, Much More!

Discover how you can change your body, your mind, and your life forever by joining Nora Redmond as she helps you cook your way through the Mediterranean!

Be sure that whatever is on the menu tonight is Mediterranean — Buy The Easy Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook Today!