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Shades of Insanity by Von Tai Von

Free Kindle Book: Shades of Insanity by Von Tai Von



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“What 50 Shades of Grey Could Have Been” – Shades of Insanity follows the life of the defiantly rambunctious Evelyn Lorde, a strong-headed young woman blissfully caught in the throes of teenage lust and joy of Sunday afternoon motorcycle rides until one day her world is turned completely inside out.

After her explicit romantic trysts with her teenage lover Henny are discovered to be graphically documented in her private journal she is sent off to be reformed through stringent routine and education at an infamous old mental care facility, the Hopkins-Kruger Psychiatric Institution. It is at this jail-like compound that Evelyn discovers both the depths of her own sexual appetite as well as those of one of the hospital’s most whispered about patients, Mr. Theodore James. Through their interactions they develop an unusual bond, ultimately resulting in both care taker and patient struggling to understand each others pains, pleasures and unspoken desires.

Evelyn is left struggling with her own feelings, trying to judge between what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, sane and insane. Theodore James opens a whole new world to her through physical and mental domination while the warm thoughts of her passionate and warm relationship with Henny make her shameful of her own more immediate primal desires.

In the end Evelyn must chose between her dignity and Mr. James sanity, of a lifetime of regret or a moment of soulless sacrifice. It takes every ounce of self determination for her to decide what to do, but when she does act she does so with a steely conviction that surprises even herself.

Shades of Insanity is an ultimate romantic thrill-ride complete with forbidden love, hot and passionate lust, romantic betrayal and tantalizing self-exploration.

Come on a ride and follow Evelyn Lorde as she navigates her way through the throngs of virgin teenage romance, the eery cold hallways of Hopkins-Kruger and finally the strange confines of the building’s most secret locations where she shatters the physical limits of what she’d even imagined sexually possible all in an effort to save the thing she cares for most.

Leave yourself breathless with this dark, descriptive page-turner of a romantic thriller where both reader and protagonist are swept away on a uncontrollable journey of time-bending romance.

Author Bio:

“Shades of Insanity” is author Von Tai Von’s debut work, representing the solution to her frustrations as a avid reader of romance, erotic thrillers that left her wanting more. Wanting to read something more explicit than what most mainstream romance works offered yet still including an intelligent plot line she decided to write herself a solution. When not writing Von Tai Von is an international traveller and motorcycle enthusiast. Her passion for the thrilling and her addiction to adrenaline make her one of the upcoming romance authors to watch.

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