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Paleo Fast Food:

26 Super Quick And Make-Ahead Recipes

For When You’re On The Go

(Primal Gluten Free Cookbook)

Paleo Fast Food by Kate Evans Scott available free for limited time on Kindle

KindPaleo Fast Food by Kate Evans Scott


“Set Your Schedule Concerns Aside, Get Your Paleo Food Fast – Right Here!”

An Allergy-free, Whole Foods / Fast Food Cookbook Designed for Health Conscious and Food Sensitive People.

We live busy lives, and we need foods that are quick and keep us going.  This often results in poor food choices and breaking our commitments to eating healthy.  Fast food doesn’t have to be laced with additives and leave you feeling sick or still hungry. Now it can be nutrient-dense, healthy and delicious as well as being quick and convenient.  In ‘Paleo Fast Food’ you’ll find 26 easy gluten-free / grain-free make-ahead and on the go recipes that will satisfy, nourish and save you time in the kitchen.

In following this cookbook, you’ll be able to avoid those terrible moments where you’re starving and on the go and wonder “What am I going to eat?!”.   ‘Paleo Fast Food’ includes recipes the whole family will love, such as:

    • Slow Cooker Coconut Yogurt

    • Sausage and Squash Skillet

    • Banana Bread Green Smoothie

    • Spicy Turkey Sandwich

    • All-Day Baby Back Ribs

    • Waffle Iron Steak and Portabella

    • Fiesta Sweet Potatoes

    • Apricot Energy Cookies

      …….and much more!