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Keep Calm and Get Fit by Little Pearl

Keep Calm and Get Fit by Little Pearl available free for limited time on Kindle


No Excuses! You Can Have The Body You Have Always Wanted Without A Gym Or Any Equipment!

With Keep Calm and Get Fit all you need to achieve a strong, lean, and sexy body is the motivation to get up and start moving. Bodyweight exercises are extremely effective, which is why so many professional trainers choose to use them even when expensive gym equipment is easily accessible.

Bodyweight Exercises Can Help You:

  • Cultivate Balance and Strength
  • Workout Anywhere
  • Stay Motivated With Fun, Fast Workouts
  • Achieve Your Ultimate Dream Body No Matter Where You Are Starting
  • Improve Your Range of Motion
  • Use Time Efficiently
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Improve Your Flexibility
  • Easily Workout With Friends!

With 150 bodyweight exercises and 200+ color photographs broken down into sections for your arms, legs, core, and total body, plus bonus yoga and stretching sections, Keep Calm and Get Fit is your ultimate at-home and on-the-go workout resource.

No More Excuses! Buy Your Copy and Keep Calm and Get Fit Today!