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81 BBQ Chicken Recipes:

My Best Barbeque & Grilled Chicken Cookbook –

Golden Recipe Collection

by Sharon Ray

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BBQ Chicken! Over 80 great BBQ Chicken recipes from a famous New York’s grill restaurant chef Sharon Ray.

In the first 5 days it hit Kindle’s bestsellers list and became No. 1 in the outdoor cooking category.

This book is definitely different and let me tell you why you should get it right now.

This is my first book in Golden Recipe Collection series and it’s dedicated to chicken.
Perfectly crisp, beautifully marinated, yet low in fat and thumb sucking succulent.
BBQ chicken is perfect for every day and every season…

Finally, my complete BBQ chicken guide for all tastes is here – even the one (you know who): “BBQ Chicken – Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes. Golden Recipe Collection” – 81 amazing recipes for your entire BBQ season.

* A lifetime’s worth of secret recipes – host truly great BBQs
* Delicious, quick, simple and naturally low in fat – tasty chicken BBQ meals
* Family and friends will beg to fire up that grill – and let me tell you why.

Working as a head chef in one of New York Steak restaurants for last 25 years, I have created what I call “GOLDEN RECIPE COLLECTION”. Here is the first published book – the ultimate barbecue chicken guide:
“BBQ Chicken– Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes”

As a THANK YOU for purchasing my book I will give you another cookbook “Chicken Leftover Recipes” – as a BONUS absolutely FREE.

* The recipes are protein packed and naturally healthy (but too tasty for anyone to tell).
* For your convenience I have listed the ingredients from the most important to the herbs, spices and oils.
* Each recipe has simple, easy to follow directions.
* You will always know how many servings you will create.
* Planning is made easy. Preparation and cooking times top each recipe and most will take less than 30 minutes.
* I’m also very proud of the variety I managed to pack into this book. It will keep your guests (and you) guessing and wanting more for years to come.

With 81 unique recipes, there really is a winning BBQ Chicken recipe here for everyone. The list of recipes you will find at the end of this description

And yes, there will be plenty of meal ideas for you know who – the fussy, hard to please loved one we all struggle to satisfy.

Click that button and get your copy of “BBQ Chicken– Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes. Golden Recipe Collection” which includes:

1. Eleven sections: Burger Delights – Tongue Burners (hot and spicy) – Flavor Garden (herbs and spices) – Chicken Wings BBQ – Fruit-Based Recipes – Appetizers and Soda/Beer Concoctions to name but a few.
2. 81, yes 81, original recipes not found anywhere else: recipes to suit all tastes, moods and any occasion.
3. Directions for each recipe – which are super easy to follow.
4. Portion advice for each recipe – you’ll know exactly how many people each recipe will serve.
5. Cooking and prep times for each recipe – save time for the important stuff; entertaining and enjoying your food.
6. A handy table of measures – converts everything from pan-sizes to temperatures – a fantastic time-saving resource.
7. BONUS 1: another cookbook “Chicken Leftover Recipes” – not available to purchase, only as a BONUS to my books.
8. BONUS 2: Jealous neighbors – or happy ones if you invite them over.

It’s all there, all you need. I even included a few pictures, although… we all know what BBQ Chicken looks like, right?

So, to become the next great barbecue master…
Click BUY NOW for instant access to your copy of “BBQ Chicken– Best BBQ & Grilled Chicken Recipes. Golden Recipe Collection” and “Chicken Leftover Recipes” for FREE!

Happy Barbecuing!

Sharon Ray

Here are a few recipes you will find inside this book:
Barbecue Chicken Burgers with Tomato and Honey Sauce
Healthy BBQ Chicken Tortilla Burgers
Barbecued Chicken Burgers with Slaw
BBQ Chicken Breast in Lemon & Soy Sauce
Cilantro Grilled Chicken Breasts
BBQ Buffalo Chicken Wings
Basil BBQ Chicken Classic
BBQ Chicken Moroccan Spices