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Lady Star by Claudy Conn

Lady Star by Claudy Conn available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle





Star Berkley had never seen the likes of Sir Edward.
He was so deuced arrogant.
He was so dashingly fashionable and just as insolent.
Added to this, was the fact that he was the most handsome man she had ever come across in all her twenty years of life!
Sir Edward, for his part, could do without the pert country airs of a chit like Miss Berkley. She was impish, plain-spoken and went about clothed in virtual rags, and obviously not his sort, which, was just as well for it seemed she had stolen the heart of his closest friend.
And then—Sir Edward stumbled onto a most sordid secret: the Berkley’s estate teetered on ruination, and brother and sister were being brutally blackmailed by a vile den of thieves.
Sir Edward meant to save them if only Star would allow him to do so. She was determined to keep him and his help at arm’s length, but he was just as determined to do otherwise.
A clash of wills ensued and a web of passion flourished.

Meet the Author

Claudy Conn is a multi published author who got her start with her bestselling historical/regency romances.She tells us that she fell in love with the fantasy/paranormal genre and created a world of paranormal, she hopes you will enjoy.Prolific, she has also rewritten a few of her regencies to ‘spice’ them up from ‘sweet to hot’.She hopes you will read and enjoy and join her on her facebook where she loves to interact with her