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Seed of Life by DEP

Seed of Life by DEP available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle




Is it destiny that triggers the evil in all hearts? The Vines of Fatum reveal an unfortunate destiny for the inhabitants of the land. The first known twins are born in the land, leaving their mother to have her soul depend on the life of a withering rose. Fortis, the king, has no option but to seek help from the Ape in the high mountains. Through the sky he sails along with two trusted warriors and a vampire assassin. Yet, the journey turns to be one of dread as their ship is demolished. Through the Forbidden Forest, they must venture to unravel the secrets preying upon the land where many a monster dwells. Fortis, Invicta, Sicarius, and Magni take a different path to uncover what once was and what shall be. The destiny lies within their hands, for the Vines of Fatum always gives hope.

Meet the Author

Hello I am no more or less than 17 years of age. I began writing this book at the beginning of 2012 and have found a deep passion in this art. I know there may be some small errors that I have missed in my writing and I do apologize for that. However, once this book gains popularity I will be selling it at a fair price to gain profits. My wish is to give part of the profits to the charities in our society. Thank you for your generosity and you will become a new fan.Please email me at: