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Dreamer by JL Durfey

Dreamer by JL Durfey available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle



~ I wasn’t prepared for this. It wasn’t ever supposed to happen. The way things were before were safe. They were safe, and this wasn’t. Not one bit. I could fall in love with this man, and that terrified me, but not as much as the prospect that I could quite possibly fall alone–without him. ~

A paranormal romance/fantasy romance novel

The Kali Lockton Trilogy, Book 1

At twenty-four years old, Kali Lockton has lived her life feeling alone. From a very early age, she’s had unexplainable visions. Each vision brings on a new mission and a new struggle, and Kali’s only desire is to prevent them from coming to fruition–a desire that proves challenging when she can’t get anyone to believe her.

Everything changes when a handsome detective, Jared Miles, shows up at her doorstep. For the first time in her life she has someone willing to take risks in order to help her change the inevitable future. However, there is something about him that not only leaves her questioning him, but fighting the walls around her heart that he’s slipping beneath.

When her normal visions turn into recurring, elusive, inconceivable things that threaten her very existence, she’s forced to turn to him for answers. What she discovers is far more abstruse than anything she could have ever prepared for.

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