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The Lost Gorillas by Peter Hoggett

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This epic tale begins in colonial Africa in the 19th century which was then a place of adventure, mystery and sudden death. Colonel Bramsthorpe-Smythe was determined to gain every possible advantage from his position of power in Gambia. Through various means, legal or otherwise, he intended to return to England rich and famous and find his true position amongst London’s society. And the Colonel was not a man used to failure.

In the present day, the lives of six young people will be slowly entwined, as the mysteries of the past superimpose on the present. Each of them will be swept up into the maelstrom as the story unfolds, as their lives and loves become forever changed and the roller coaster journey begins.

About the author:

50b73d8756680a8239088e.L._V323239423_SX200_Born in London, far too many years ago, he moved to Essex as a young boy. Unfortunately the results of his grammar school education fell short of the requirements for University, so he decided to enter the ranks of public service.

After an interesting and challenging 30 year career, he took early retirement to begin a new role, as an author.
He has three lovely children, who will no doubt have recognised some of the fictitious characters in the books.
He now lives and writes in Spain.

His first series, The Adventures of 6ix, is an ongoing project which will keep him busy and provide years of entertainment for his readers, so hopefully you will enjoy each of new the books as they arrive in stores.