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Mixed Signals

by Ivy Raine

(Romantic Comedy)


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mixed signals


What do a sex-obsessed virgin, a stuffy boss, and an over fifty swinger’s party have in common? They’re all about to ruin Rachel Peters’ life. Rachel has a way of falling into trouble – courtesy of her wacky best friend Susan who will do almost anything to ditch her virginity before she turns thirty. When Susan’s latest scheme takes them to a swinger’s club disguised as a bisexual couple, Rachel has no idea the stinky, old man sitting next to her is the father of her serious, straight-laced, and oh, so sexy boss, Ryan Stanley – the man she just happens to have a serious crush on. As if things couldn’t get worse, the elder Stanley believes she and Susan are lovers, and he agrees to keep her ‘secret’ if she’ll keep his. What ensues next is a wacky adventure full of secrets, old lovers, and general chaos – and things are bound to get crazier when the truth comes out.
A romantic comedy.
Almost Knot, the sequel to Mixed Signals, is now out!