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Bargain Book:

Masked Obsession
by Kendall Michelle

Bargain Book: Masked Obsession by Kendall Michelle available on Kindle for $2.99



available on Amazon for $2.99

Question: What happens when three incredibly hot men become obsessed with the same woman?

A) Drama
B) Kidnapping
C) A Near Fatal Accident
D) ‘Hard Time Walking the Next Week’ Sex
E) All of the Above

Answer: E) All of the Above

In this sequel to Masked Obsession- Part I, Kevin makes his big move in hopes of claiming Erika for himself. But will it be enough to pull her away from Fernando?

Donte makes moves of his own. But will he pursue Erika, Renee, both or someone completely different? Will Fernando be able to hold on to Erika with people and situations constantly working against the love that’s taken him six years to gain? Answers to these questions and more can be found in Masked Obsession- Part II. Did I mention a few secrets are revealed as well?


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Author Bio:
Kendall Michelle currently lives in Central Virginia with her indulgent husband of a hundred years. She admits she doesn’t know exactly how many years they’ve been married but it’s closer to twenty years than a hundred. When Kendall isn’t reading or writing what she lovingly calls borderline smut, she spends her time sipping sweet wine, tackling decorating/home improvement projects and obsessing over what’s for dinner. Not necessarily in that order.