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Ebook Deals for Nook & Kindle

Welcome to all the newcomers! If you’re new to eBook deals, please be sure to read the following. All of the info on how the site works is here.

  1. Ebooks are free for limited time only. Prices update HOURLY so we never know when the price may change. Please be sure to confirm it’s still free before downloading. Price was listed as $0.00 at the time of posting and since I’m not psychic, I cannot guarantee how long they will remain free after I post. At some point ALL the free ebooks I post will no longer be free. I am NOT the one that makes them free. The author/publisher determines price NOT me. There is no need to msg me and say “it’s no longer free”. Because at some point ALL the ebooks may no longer be free.
  2. If you’re not seeing all of our posts (and you want to), make sure to click the “Get Notifications” tab. To check to see if it’s clicked, hover over the like button of this page. A drop down menu will appear, it’ll say “get notifications” and “add to interests lists”. If “get notifications” doesn’t have a check mark beside, click it. Then you’ll receive FB notifications every time a new post is made. If you don’t prefer notifications,then be sure to be active on the page by liking, sharing, or commenting on individual posts. If you’re not interacting on the page, FB thinks you’re not interested and doesn’t show our posts. This applies to all pages you like, not just ours.
  3. Due to changes in Amazon policy (which happened after I created the page), I won’t be able to share only free ebooks any longer. Amazon has a strict ratio for every number of free ebooks shared a certain number of paid books must be shared. In order for me to continue sharing free ebooks I must meet Amazon’s requirements or else I won’t be able to share any free Kindle books at all.
  4. Links are all for the US only. The price may be different for you if you’re outside the US. This page is for Amazon US only.

Happy Reading


Disclaimer: Shia Books is an affiliate of Amazon and Barnes & Noble  all links are affiliate links.