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Freed by Brenda Lee Harper

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Dylan is still struggling to find her way in a world outside the domed city of Genero. She no longer knows who to trust. Wyatt lied to her. Stiles is not what he said he was. Ellie is unreadable, hiding behind weakness and fear. Sam seems to be the only one who has not deceived Dylan in any way. But how much does she really know about him?

Redcoats drive Dylan and her friends from the relative safety of the resistance group they had been traveling with. Then gargoyles attack, but murder is not what they have in mind this time. Instead, Dylan learns that they want to use her as a weapon against the legion leaders, Luc and Lily.

Dylan must decide what role she will play in the war between the angels and the humans. Will she be a weapon, doomed to die when her role is done, or will she find a way to stop Luc and Lily and save not only the humans, but all the supernatural creatures she has come to know and respect, including the two men she loves?

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