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Fracture by Craig Andrews

99¢ Ebook Deals: Fracture by Craig Andrews available for limited time price on Nook and Kindle


Allyn Kaplan’s life is anything but magical. As a first year associate at a prestigious Portland law firm, his professional life is on the rise. All that is turned upside-down by a mysterious attack on his life by strange people with stranger abilities. Thrust into an underground world of magic where rival Families are on the brink of war, Allyn wants only to return to his normal life and thriving career.

But distancing himself from this new reality is nearly impossible. Haunted by the attack and questioning why he was targeted to begin with, Allyn’s questions only deepen with the sudden disappearance of his sister. The only place to turn for answers, and for help, is a Magi Family whose agenda he wants no part of. Yet with his sister’s life on the line, he may have no choice but to pick a side

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Meet the Author

Craig Andrews graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors of Arts in English. Growing up on a healthy diet of fantasy and science fiction, some of his favorite childhood memories include being traumatized by the TV shows Unsolved Mysteries and The X-Files. He currently lives in a small, rural town outside of Portland, Oregon with his wife and two boys.

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