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8/9 Evening Block of Book Deals on Nook and Kindle

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 Lost in Us by Layla Hagen available free for limited time on Nook and KIndle*This is a full-length novel (NO cliffhanger)*

Serena has learned to live with her past, locking her secrets and nightmares deep inside her. But when her boyfriend of six years abruptly leaves her, she’s catapulted back into pain, nursing a broken heart. When indulging in mountains of chocolate doesn’t work, Serena decides the best way to deal with her shattered heart is to indulge in something else. A rebound . . .

The night she swaps her usual Sprite for tequila, she meets James. The encounter is breathtaking.


And best not repeated.

James is a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. A man who has amassed a fortune by taking risks. A man who has shunned commitment completely, and still does. He’s the exact opposite of Serena. But sometimes opposites attract. Sometimes they give in to burning passion. Sometimes opposites are perfect for each other.

James is everything her damaged soul could want. His kisses are intoxicating, his touch out of this world. He makes her forget. He grants her peace from her pain. But as they grow closer, Serena discovers she isn’t the only one with a past. James carries the scars of a past much darker than hers. One that has left him damaged, hurt, and wary of love. A past that gives him the power to shatter her.

Now James and Serena must find a way to mend one another. Or risk losing each other forever.

*No cliffhanger* This novel is recommended for 18+ due to romance and sex and mature themes.* The second book in this contemporary romance series tells Jessica and Parker’s story* Each of the romantic books in this series can be read as a STANDALONE* The book was re-published with content changes on June 18th 2015.

Genre: contemporary

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 Adjudicator by Crispen Callger available free for limited time on KindleDemocracy failed. But something better has risen in its place. One man reigns on Noltos, with no rivals or elections to encumber him. Not knowing whose identity he’ll assume when his term is up, his fairness is beyond reproach. To the masses, this man is known only as the Adjudicator.

Cole Bishop believes in the Adjudicator system. Even after he’s snatched from his bed in the middle of the night. Told that he’ll rule for a few years and then live as a stranger in somebody else’s skin. But when a mysterious accident leaves his son at death’s door, politics doesn’t seem so important any longer. Bishop is going to save the boy’s life, no matter what his government does—or what his friends say—to stop him.

Debut author Crispen Callger keeps the pages turning in this smart fusion of tomorrow’s technology and today’s headlines. Praised as a breath of fresh air for the genre, ADJUDICATOR leaves readers wondering if perhaps humanity’s political evolution hasn’t quite yet run its course.

Genre: science fiction



Brazilian Smoothie Recipes by Sjur Middtun available free for limited time on Nook 30 colorful, tasty and healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothies divided into color groups: green, yellow, orange, red and blue

Fantastic, Brazilian fruits like mango, papaya, banana, açaí and guaraná

Volume 1 focuses on detox smoothies

Detox cleanses smoothies, with and without dairy products, perfect for lactose intolerant smoothie lovers
Give your body a break, and try a smoothie detox cleanse. In this first volume “Brazilian Smoothie Recipes Detox Cleanse”, the focus is detox cleanse smoothies.
Juices and smoothies are very popular in Brazil. Smoothies are called “vitaminas”, and are made to order pressed or blended fruit juices mixed with a little milk. These smoothies are very little known and used outside of Brazil. But in this series we take the best Brazilian smoothies and blend them in a wholesome smoothie recipe detox cleanse plan.


Also available on Kindle for only $0.99

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Women of the Apocalypse: Multi-Author Bundle

Women of the Apocalypse collection available on Nook and Kindle for only $0.99



The end of the world comes with a BANG!, a sword thrust, and a whole bunch of kick-ass heroines.

Don’t lie. If you’re like the rest of us. You’ve harbored secret desires about surviving the end of the world as we know it. Either you’ve wanted to be one of the women in these books, or have them at your side while you’ve faced down hordes of zombies or demons ravaging the countryside. The apocalypse is the ultimate test of your survival skills, plus you don’t have to worry about finding parking spots anymore.

In these eight novels, the apocalypse unfolds in eight different ways. Do you prefer aliens or zombies? Would you like a sudden end, or a slow slide into the collapse? Is a little romance in your future or are you kicking down doors and chopping off heads? So grab a can opener and your favorite weapon, because the end never goes quietly.