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Risen (Book #6 of the Vampire Legends)

Risen by Emma Knight available free on Kindle for limited timeIn RISEN (Book #6 of the Vampire Legends), Rachel Wood embarks on a mission to find her grandmother in New Orleans, and to learn the secret of who she really is. Her travels take her deep into mysterious territory, as she searches for her roots, and for an explanation of all that is happening to her.

Benji will not give up on her, even though she can’t remember who he is. He is still in love with her, and more determined than ever to find her and rescue her—before it is too late.

Rachel’s brother struggles to keep from giving in to his dark side, as he grapples to come to terms with his new power. Her sister, Sarah, tries to come to grip with her new life at Syracuse, while learning what it means to be a vampire herself.

Rob, driven by his love for Rachel, fights to shake off the influence of the dark coven. He will have to fight for Rachel’s love, hoping her loss of memory will also mean she has forgotten her love for Benji.

It will be a race to save Rachel’s life as all these forces converge in an ancient cemetery in New Orleans. But there comes a shocking twist, and by then, it may all even be too late…

Will Rachel finally remember her true love? And will she be willing to sacrifice it all for him?

RISEN is book #6 of the Bestselling Vampire Legends series (following SWORN, TAKEN, BITTEN, CHOSEN and AWAKENED).






Outlaw Guardian by Amy Love

Outlaw Guardian by Amy Love available free for limited time on NookChelsea Shore is running for her life

Running from an abusive boyfriend, Chelsea finds herself in the small town of Pinemont–home of the White Wolves motorcycle club. Scared and in need of shelter, she walks into the club house not knowing what to expect

Elias Neal never liked bullies

When he sees the scared woman walk into his club house, he accepts her without a question and promises to keep her safe.

Neither of them knows what they’ve just stirred up.

When Chelsea’s boyfriend Tomas–a corrupt cop from Houston–makes an unexpected arrival in Pinemont with every intention of bringing her back with him, can Elias keep her, himself, and his club safe?


​”You left that past,” he told her, stopping her protests. “You had the strength to run, and to risk everything doing it. That’s hard stuff. Many people, men and women, never have the strength to take that kind of risk, to run from hell, knowing hounds will be on their trail. That’s what I know about you. That’s who I care about. Who you were in hell isn’t, and will never be, more important to me than who you are to me right now.”

Her face flashed with a series of emotions, and then she broke into a keening wail of tears and sobs. “Dammit, Elias! You are tearing me in half!”

He kissed her cheeks, and her forehead, and then soothed her and caressed her with his hands, massaging her deeply, and pulling her into him. He petted her and cooed at her until she calmed down and began to kiss him back.

“Don’t let me go, please? I need you Elias. I need to be the woman you see, because I can’t stand the woman I see. Make me your woman, Elias. Make me believe I’m yours.”







Natural Homemade Cleaners :The Ultimate Guide – Over 30 Green & Eco Friendly Solutions

Natural Homemade Cleaners available free for limited time on Kindle** The Ultimate Natural Homemade Cleaning Guide **

Replacing traditional cleaning products with green or natural products has both health and environmental benefits. Natural cleaners contain few or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are chemicals in many household products that can cause respiratory problems, headaches and dizziness from short-term exposure. Long-term use may cause liver, respiratory and reproductive problems including cancer. Green cleaning products are also less harmful to the air and water. When you factor in the wasteful packaging and inflated price of commercially marketed cleansers, creating your own homemade cleaning products just makes sense. Green cleaning powerhouses such as vinegar, baking soda and borax are inexpensive and easy to come by. We have collected over 30 of the most popular natural homemade cleaners from around the world. Enjoy!