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 6/29 Morning Block of Book Deals for Kindle and Nook

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Sit Stay Heal by Spike Gillespie available free for limited time on Kindle

The book grew out of the blog It traces my journey from a brutal Depression in 2012 to some amazing healing over the course of 2013 through a dedicated daily meditation practice. It also includes Twelve Lessons for those of you who wish to get a meditation practice started without tracking down a guru, without converting to a particular religion, and without investing in $500 yoga pants. All you need is your ass, your lungs, and a desire to try.

Genre: self help


Oceanswept by Lara Hays available free for limited time on Kindle

The sway of playful palm trees and never-ending sunshine seem like a fantasy compared to the smog and filth of 18th century London. Thrilled for a new life in the exotic West Indies, privileged seventeen-year-old Tessa Monroe eagerly embraces her father’s reassignment to the fledgling Caribbean colony of St. Kitts where she can stake her claim as an up-and-coming socialite.

But that dream unravels when a hurricane downs their ship on the passage from England, leaving Tessa as the sole survivor. Rescued by a passing ship, Tessa’s grief soon turns to terror as she realizes she isn’t a passenger—she’s a captive.

With a future of slavery in the offing, Tessa joins forces with Nicholas Holladay, a charismatic sailor ready to break free from a life of piracy. Mutiny is in the air. Tessa and Nicholas will either win their freedom or earn a spot at the gallows.

Genre: YA 


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The Auric Insignia by Perry Horste available free for limited time on Nook

In the northernmost part of the realm of man, in a cottage on the outskirts of the small, isolated village of Brightseed, lives Roarke. In the shadow of the mountain range that signifies the end of the civilized world, he leads a simple life in solitude, far away from the rumored brilliance of the southern cities. Or so he thought…

Until one night, when he is awakened by an animal that leads him to one of his snares, where he finds something that shakes his set view of the world he lives in, and of the people that he shares it with. Something that will put him on a journey, filled with injustice, betrayal and death.

Genre: epic fantasy


The Auric Insignia (The Aurelian Epics Book 1) available on Kindle for $0.99

Rise of the Hunter by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci available free for limited time on Nook

All I ever wanted was to be a normal sixteen-year-old boy, to grow up and live a decent, moral life. But all of that was taken from me the day I walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I’ve become something I can’t understand, something I can’t control. I no longer know who I am or what I’m capable of.

Daniel Callahan has been thrust into a world of chaos and violence, his life forever changed. After falling victim to a horrific act, everything he knows to be true is turned upside down. Will he be able to endure the trials and tribulations hurled at him? Find out in this first installment of the Hunter of the Light series…

Genre: horror


Hunter of the Light: Rise of the Hunter (Book 1) available on Kindle for $0.99

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