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6/19 Friday Morning Book Deals for Nook & Kindle



Rum Cake Murder by Carol Durand available free for limited time on Kindle

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Genre: mystery

As Missy’s children’s charity function is in full swing the entertainment suddenly goes missing and is found slumped over and dead in the middle of the party. Thinking on her feet Missy sends an SOS out to Detective Beckett as they rush to find out who would want to kill such a lively fellow?

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Landfall by Joseph Jablonski available free for limited time on Kindle

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Genre: suspense

After 30 rough years of adventure on the seas, Jake Thomas makes landfall in a new and quiet life in Oregon – only to discover that the past dies hard. The secrets he’s kept, even from himself, won’t stay buried.

Forty years earlier, a beautiful, young woman was murdered during Jake’s first voyage as a deck cadet on an American freighter. Her children, now grown, want answers only Jake can give. What really happened that terrible night? Did the wrong man go to jail?

In this riveting story-within-a-story, Jake’s peaceful routine in Portland, Oregon, stands in stark contrast to his days as a merchant seaman in Subic Bay, when he set off on a journey to discover his dark side. A journey that hasn’t yet ended.

Written in a style that compares to Joseph Conrad, Joseph Jablonski drew upon his own years of sea experience to craft a book that is as much a careful observation of human nature and a powerful condemnation of war as it is a suspenseful sea story.

All Your Reasons by Nina Levine available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle

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Genre: womens fiction, new adult romance

When heartbreaker meets ball breaker, sparks will fly.

Rockstar, Jett Vaughn, isn’t against settling down, but no woman has ever held his attention long enough for a relationship to develop. That is until he meets Presley Hart. She’s confident, opinionated and headstrong. She drives him to the edge of crazy, but he can’t deny how she makes him feel.

He wants her heart, but she only wants his body.

Presley’s not against giving her heart to a man, but she has too many reasons why he’s not the one to give it to. Jett isn’t a man who will take no for an answer though. He’s about to declare war on her reasons and take what he wants.
** Please note this is a novella of approximately 25000 words that introduces you to Jett & Presley. Their story is not finished yet. **

ALSO – this book was in the Owned Anthology that released last year so if you bought that you already own this book.
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War Child Pawn by Ernie Lindsey available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle

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Genre: YA, dystopian, thriller

The world ended long before Caroline Mathers was born, but that doesn’t mean life stops for the fourteen-year-old army scout for the People’s Republic of Virginia.

With a civil war brewing on the horizon, she slinks through the forests surrounding her encampment, monitoring the woods for nomadic bands of criminals, all while keeping a watchful eye on her dangerous northern enemies from the Democratic Alliance.

Caroline’s worst fears come true the day she hears the terrifying boom of distant drums beating to the war rhythm, echoing throughout their quiet valley. With some help from two unlikely allies, Caroline leads her people in a breathtaking retreat, praying they’ll find salvation in their capitol city. Along the way, haunting dreams may reveal a look into her mystifying past.

The first book of the Warchild trilogy series is a young adult dystopian thriller full of fast-paced action and teen adventure, perfect for those who enjoy the undeniable strength of the human bond.

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