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A Mouthful of Murder by Carol Durand &  Summer Prescott available free for limited time on Kindle

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Genre: mystery

A Mouthful of Murder: A Frosted Love Cozy Mystery Book 4 (Frosted Love Mysteries)

Missy is up and running again – her new store in Dellville is successful and her old shop in LaChance is being rebuilt. She’s delighted when a woman her age from California buys the ice cream shop across the street, after a few slips of the tongue, the odd hours she keeps, Missy catches on that her new friend may be hiding something that may be deadly.

Cupcakes and Murder by Carol Duran and Summer Prescott available free for limited time on Kindle

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Genre: mystery

Cupcakes and Murder: A Frosted Love Cozy Mystery (Book 5) (Frosted Love Mysteries)

Detective Beckett and Missy didn’t bank on becoming murder suspects only a few days after arriving in sunny Cozumel. Pitted against the wild accusations of the locals, the two foreigners must discover the true motive for the crime and track down the real killer before time runs out for them both!

Books 1-3 in the Frosted Love Mysteries Series:

A Murder Moist Foul: A Frosted Love Cozy Mystery- Book 1 (Frosted Love Mysteries)

A Pinch of Murder: A Frosted Love Cozy Mystery (Frosted Love Mysteries Book 2)

Half Baked Murder: A Frosted Love Cozy Mystery – Book 3 (Frosted Love Mysteries)


Shattered Rose by Tammy L Gray available free on Nook and Kindle for limited time only

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Genre: Inspirational

Shattered Rose (Winsor Series Book 1)

“For any girl who has struggled to love herself.” –Tammy L. Gray

Avery Nichols knows how to wear the mask. Perfect student, perfect daughter and perfect friend. Nobody would ever guess that inside Avery is a prisoner to her own self loathing.

Then she meets him…and everything changes.

Handsome, charming and self assured, Jake Matthews sweeps Avery off her feet in an effortless fashion. Avery knows that Jake is everything she needs and all she has ever wanted.

She would destroy herself to be loved by him…until he walks away.

Broken and lost, Avery meets Parker. His genuine, caring nature reaches past the mask and the shattered pieces of her heart slowly begin to heal. But just when Avery starts to feel whole again, she faces the impossible truth.

Jake never really left.

Shattered Rose is book one in the Winsor Series. (All books are stand alone, full-lengh novels.)

Other books in the Winsor Series:

Shackled Lily (Winsor Series Book 2)

Splintered Oak (Winsor Series Book 3)


Heroes of the Last Dungeon by Kaye Wagner available free for limited time

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Legends, the adventurers of a world filled with wonders, thrill seekers chasing the most dangerous beasts, searchers of the rarest treasures, and traders in folklore and myths. For the poverty-stricken Metropolis of Teigen, this mysterious occupation and its yearly test is the only hope citizens have in changing their station in life.

However, for the young wide-eyed Hiro and the clever Olly, the word ‘Legend’ is the matter of a childhood dream coming true. Sneaking their way into the testing center, they find themselves amongst the most skilled warriors in the entire metropolis. There, they take on the challenge of surviving a life or death game inside the brick layered confines of the most dangerous and puzzle filled land in the city, the Last Dungeon.

Other books in the Hiro & Olly series:

Heroes of the Grey Forest (Volume 2) (Hiro & Olly)

Heroes of the Border Cities (Volume 3) (Hiro & Olly)


Claiming His Fate by Ellis Leigh available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle

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A shifter battling his wolf instincts…
A woman living a life of obligation and lies…
A moment of fate interrupted by danger.

Book one in the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series

Rebel Lynch has spent two hundred years searching for balance between his human side and his inner wolf. As a den President of The Feral Breed Motorcycle Club, a lack of control over the beast within isn’t just a pain in the tail, it’s a death sentence. One served by his club brothers: the judges, jury, and executioners of the wolf-shifting community.

At Amnesia Gentlemen’s Club, customers and staff check their real-world identities at the door. Charlotte, one of the club’s best waitresses, ditched her legit career in corporate IT because she needs the kind of income those pesky IRS folks can’t track. When the smart-mouthed bombshell pulls a gig serving a private party, she expects nothing more than a few extra tips. That is until dirty-talking Rebel Lynch strolls into the room looking like sin incarnate, flashing motorcycle club colors, and blasting Charlotte’s expectations about work, life, and love straight to hell.

One glance at Charlotte and Rebel knows she’s his fated mate. But a wolf shifter is attacking women at the club, threatening Charlotte’s life, and putting the entire shifter community at risk of exposure. Rebel and his Feral Breed MC brothers must find the crazed shifter before he strikes again. If Rebel can’t uncover the threat in their midst–and learn to rein in the protective instincts of a fully mated Alpha–his future with Charlotte will be dead on arrival.
Novella series prequel with adult content featuring a dirty-talking wolf shifter, a spunky BBW, and some naughty growling in the workplace.

Other books in the series:

Claiming His Need (Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series Book 2)

Claiming His Witch (Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series Book 3)

Claiming His Beauty (Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series Book 4)

Claiming His Fire (Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Book 5)