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5/29 Afternoon block of Free & Bargain Kindle & Nook Ebooks


Slasher by WD Jackson available free for limited time on Kindle

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Genre: Thriller

A serial killer in Los Angeles. A string of ever more famous victims. A sergeant out of his depth.

After a body is found on his duty, Sergeant Joshua Matthews is handed his first true homicide, one he has no choice but to accept. With no motive, no clues and zero real suspects, the police are getting nowhere, until another body turns up. It’s not in his jurisdiction but there are striking similarities between the two crimes. On his captain’s orders, Joshua finds himself temporarily transferred to LAPD Homicide. It seems he might be dealing with a serial killer, one targeting slasher movie actresses from the infamous horror studio, Hitlist Pictures.

As the evidence starts pointing towards someone connected to the studio, Joshua and his new partner Detective Crawford face a race against time to solve the mystery before Hitlist premieres its brand new and highly anticipated horror thriller, Slasher. The film’s lead and Hollywood’s newest rising star, Kiralee Martinson, surrounded by police, is adapting quickly to the instant fame and pressure of becoming a film star, but nothing can prepare her for a violent finale to the killers’ plans as she finds herself directly in the cross hairs in this tense and brutal thriller.

WD Jackson is a horror fanatic and writer based in London. From his early teens he was exposed to a whole range of horror media. He started reading Point Horror and Goosebumps books, played Resident Evil with his dad, and watched Halloween andNightmare On Elm Street with his sisters. Now 30 years old, that passion has only expanded. He devours horror and crime novels, is there opening night for most horror movies, and still even plays Resident Evil with his dad on occasion.

With a very creative background and a constant need to vent his ideas and imagination, his passion for the horror genre led to him want to share thrilling and scary stories of his own. He has so far written three novels. His first two, suspense thrillersLoose Ends and Red Light, both hit the Suspense charts on Amazon, and his short story, What’s Yours Is Mine was shortlisted for the Horror For Good Anthology.


Dark Promise by Julia Crane and Talia Jager available free on Kindle for limited time

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Available on Nook for $0.99 click to purchase

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Rylie has it all – great friends, dream boy, loving family. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters. A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears with a secret: Rylie is a faery whose powers will be unleashed on her birthday. Captured and forced into a new life, Rylie struggles to keep everything she loves and discovers a terrifying truth: some promises cannot be broken.

Other books in the series (click links below to view on Amazon):

Broken Promise (Between Worlds Book 2)
Eternal Promise (Between Worlds Book 3)
Forgotten Promise (Between Worlds Book 4)



Resistance by Mary Brock Jones available free on Nook for limited time

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Available on Kindle for $0.99 click to purchase


When two, opposed worlds must fight for their very survival, what chance is there for a pair of duty-plagued lovers caught in the middle?

Five long years ago, the Terran invaders appeared in the skies above Hathe and life on that peaceful and wealthy planet changed forever. Now, the time has come to throw the invaders out. The Hathians are about to reclaim Hathe.
Hamon Radcliff is one of those Terrans. He must use any means available to keep Hathe in Terran control, no matter how much he hates it, for Earth cannot survive without the urgonium found only on Hathe. It’s their main energy source. But all the rules change when he captures a woman of the long-lost Hathian ruling class, a woman he strongly suspects is an undercover agent for a secret Hathian resistance movement.
Now he must choose. Protect the woman he loves and let millions of his people die. Or break her, find out what she knows and save Earth.


Blood Memory by Perrin Briar available free for limited time on Nook and Kindle

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Genre: Scifi

Blood Never Forgets

Haven’s crew find Jordan Grant half-dead floating at sea. With a six-year hole in his memory, he remembers nothing of the Incident or the Lurchers who have claimed the land as their own. He joins the crew in their daily struggle to survive in a harsh new world where every meal is live or die.

But when a shipwreck forces them from the safety of the sea, the crew soon discover their pursuers aren’t the only monsters out to get them.

Other books in the series:

Blood Memory: A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Episode Two)

Blood Memory: A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Episode Three)

Blood Memory: A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Episode Four)