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$2.99 Childrens eBook:


The Daydreaming Dinosaur:
The Lost Egg

by Ashleigh Hanley

The Lost Egg by Ashleigh Hanley available on Kindle for $2.99

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Anky is not like other dinosaurs, he has a special gift. When a purple tear comes to Anky’s eye, he sees a flash of the future. He calls them Daydreams. His Daydreams help him and his friends avoid trouble on their many adventures.

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Author Bio

ashI am born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Anky is my first foray into Children’s Book writing. Having spent many years writing film scripts, I wanted an escape from film and found I could really get creative by writing a book that would have appealed to me as a kid. I love dinosaurs and I loved the adventures the Goonies went on – so I tried to bring these two worlds together. For updates and new books follow the author on his Amazon author page